Foreign Language Requirements and Placement Testing

At My Language Requirement, we save you money and credit hours by preparing you for the language proficiency test at your college or university.

To find out more about how our services can help you with language proficiency testing at several colleges and universities, see the links below.

Check the website of your college or university for information about the policies of your school. Speak with a representative of your institution's languages department or with your academic advisor to be sure you are in compliance with your school's requirements.



  • Florida State University information on placement testing with information about how placing out of a course can save you time and money. Also includes information on how to earn college credits by taking a foreign language proficiency test.


New Jersey

  • Montclair State University in New Jersey provides information on reducing your foreign language requirement to three credit hours with placement testing.


  • Maryhurst University in Oregon grants credits by administering the NYU foreign language proficiency exam.


North Carolina


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